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Hair pieces

Brand: Ellen Wille
Absolutely clear: A simple and groovy plait extension. Any questions? 45 cm...
Ex Tax:46.77€
Brand: Ellen Wille
Out and about with the Madonna look from our recent past, thanks to the fully stepped hairpiece. Hair clip, approx. 40 cm...
Ex Tax:55.65€
Brand: Ellen Wille
A straight hairpiece with two exchangeable hair circlets imparts a breeze of the fifties!..
Ex Tax:106.45€
Brand: Ellen Wille
Natural waves stream into the bar. This hair-band carries an every-day freshness...
Ex Tax:21.77€
Brand: Ellen Wille
A really fresh name for a fringe piece. The competition will not be amused...
Ex Tax:44.35€
Brand: Ellen Wille
Don't chat me up sweetie! Wavey hair piece with clips for a boost of self-confidence. Approx. 40 cm...
Ex Tax:50.81€
Brand: Ellen Wille
With feline quickness: Fitted in a jiffy - for more abundant hair...
Ex Tax:45.97€
Brand: Ellen Wille
Hocus-pocus: A magic plait form the Little Rapunzel brand. Works in with a comb. Hair length approx. 50 cm...
Ex Tax:43.55€
Brand: Ellen Wille
The look of the Bond girl. Hairfiller/lengthener with base and clips for the boulevard of dreams. Approx. 60 cm..
Ex Tax:95.97€
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