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Earn your confidence

If you constantly worry about the image that you are going to have when you will wear the wig then you are sure it will not look good. Earn your image. Show confidence. Be sure to turn heads at every appearance.

Adjust the hair cut

You can consult your hairdresser to style your wig. To fylarete, to thin ou or to cut bangs. Surely the wig is ready to put on and will definitely show well, but with a slight adjustment may show splendid.

Invest in appropriate product care

If you want to keep in good condition your wig for some time appropriate care products are necessary. Synthetic wigs require care products specially formulated for synthetic hair. For human hair select products specifically for colored hair to keep the color bright. 

Give character to your wig

Add a headband, scarf or whatever other hair accessory to create your own personal touch. Just because you wear a wig does not mean you have to wear it the same way all the time. 

Mix your own hair with the hair of your wig

If your hair is close to the color that has your wig, try to mix your own hair along with the hair of the wig for a more natural look. Put on the wig, pull some wisps from your own hair around with the help of a comb or your fingers.

Choose a wig close to your current hairstyle

Choose a wig close to your current hairstyle. What will make your wig does not seem wig is a style that is very close to your image you have. A similar haircut will help you feel more confident and will make it easy and painless transition from the fall of your hair to wig. Experiment with small variants in style but within the comfort.

Styling products

Give your wig a salon air with the special styling. (................).